In addition to composing over 150 pieces for

solo guitar, Don has been commissioned to compose for a variety of media and projects

Magpies (radio drama)
all underscore and theme music
CBC Radio
As It Happens (current events)
stings and bumpers
CBC Radio
I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind
Big Soul Productions
Original Score
Dead Dog Café (radio series)
Opening theme
CBC Radio
Obstruction of Justice
Marianne Jones and Jeff Bear

Original Score

Ravens and Eagles
Marianne Jones and Jeff Bear / APTN

Opening and closing themes

Close Up

CBC Television

Opening and closing themes and all stings

Big Buck City

Daniel David Moses / Cahoots Theatre Projects

Original score and Sound design

Dreaming Beauty

Daniel David Moses / Inner Stage

Original score

The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

George Ryga / York University Theatre

New original score

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